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Active, the ideal partner for your NetSuite deployment

We are pioneers in Oracle NetSuite in Brazil and now with offices in the US. We have been a Solution Provider since 2014. We offer implementation, support, and development services globally. All our projects are delivered responsibly, respecting our clients' investment. For a few consecutive years, we have received the highest Oracle sales award in the world, and we are proud to be the largest Oracle NetSuite implementer in Brazil.

Deploy and optimize your NetSuite with Active

A global NetSuite consulting firm with over 10 years of experience

Active Consultoria NetSuite ERP

We are a consulting firm specializing in NetSuite and official Oracle partners. We have experts in business applications and processes. We offer complete Oracle NetSuite solutions in the cloud, from license sales to implementation and support. Checkout the differentials of our NetSuite consultancy

First NetSuite consultancy in Brazil to sell and implement Oracle NetSuite projects

Bilingual NetSuite Consulting with experience in global projects

Pioneer in the implementation of NetSuite and development of the Brazil localization

Dedicated NetSuite support and continuous improvement

US operation office in Seattle, WA.

Accelerated deployment methodology with SuiteSuccess!

Dedicated development team for creating NetSuite customizations and integrations

Solutions we offer in our NetSuite consulting

Our mission in every NetSuite project is to exceed your expectations. Regardless of its complexity or size, we have a team of NetSuite experts to ensure that our customers achieve success and satisfaction with Oracle NetSuite.

Active Consultoria NetSuite ERP

Whether new implementations or an expansion into a new market, out team will come in to deliver your NetSuite project with transparency and efficiency.  We follow all Oracle best practices and work with our customers from purchasing through post go-live support.

Our NetSuite team has developers specialized in the NetSuite solution provide your expertise on any development, customizations and integration your company needs to improve your processes and flows.

Streamline the support your team receives using Active continuing support.  Our team is just a few clicks away to provide error handling, testing assistance, training, and answers to your questions at any time.

No task is too big for you when you can count on our functional consultants to support your operations.  We allocate resources to help with period closing, billing days, cover employee vacations and shortages, or come in at any period of the month that you staff is overwhelmed.  Our staffing program offers recurring allocations on a full-time or a part-time basis.  Our BPO team can perform your complex or time consuming accounting, AR or AP tasks and deliver you timely results freeing your team to concentrate in your core business.

Why choose Active to be your NetSuite consultancy?

Active Consultoria NetSuite ERP

Pioneering spirit and seriousness have made us the best NetSuite consultancy

At Active we implement successful projects for your company. The project life cycle starts with sales – when we focus on understanding your business, it goes through implementation – with the best consultants in the market, to support – with a team specialized in day-to-day operations. Here you will have a dedicated team for each stage.

Why choose Active to implement your NetSuite ERP?

Active Consultoria NetSuite ERP

Choosing a consulting partner for the implementation of NetSuite is a decision that can define the success of a company's technological integration. Opting for Active, an independent specialist NetSuite consultancy, offers a number of distinct advantages including dedicated teams, personalized projects, solid references thus significantly differentiating itself from the direct approach offered by the software vendor.

Our methodology is based on a detailed analysis and understanding of the client’s internal processes. We believe that deeply understanding how each business operates is critical to a successful implementation. This is not just an ERP parameterization process, but a careful adaptation to ensure that the system reflects the real needs of the business, testing and validating each process to ensure full alignment with the company’s operations.

Often, solutions to meet certain needs require customizations and even integrations with external solutions. It is important that these solutions are very well thought out and analyzed so that the process runs smoothly, and at the same time, the system is not unnecessarily customized.

At Active, the implementation of NetSuite goes beyond the initial project. Our goal is to ensure that the customer not only gets started successfully in NetSuite, but also continues to reap benefits over time. This is achieved through ongoing support and optimization services, where our concern for the longevity of the tool in the company translates into a long-lasting commitment to our customer base.

As a specialized and agile consultancy, Active offers the necessary flexibility to adapt quickly not only to market changes, but also to the specific demands of each client. Our team, rich in NetSuite experience and expertise, employs this expertise to provide personalized insights and solutions, often going beyond the possibilities offered by more generalist approaches.

Sometimes, a major change in the project route or schedule positively impacts the outcome of the deployment, and in general, Active Cloud Solutions brings in this flexibility and expertise.

Our team is made up of ERP experts who have a deep knowledge (many with more than 10 years of experience) of the system and its application in different industries. This specialized expertise allows us to offer insights and solutions that may not be readily available through more generalized consulting.

Global companies have global needs and managing a global roll-out with multiple partners translate into nightmares.  Active has been operating in multiple countries with several implementations of global proportions.  This allow us to manage the project as one, centralizing deliveries, schedules and communication and sharing resources and knowledge to achieve great results. Active currently has offices in Brazil and in the United States.

We also differentiate ourselves by our ability to execute projects locally, and in house development.  This includes specific customizations and integrations that are necessary for the system to seamlessly adapt to the unique needs of the business. 

The strategic partnership relationship we have with Oracle allows us to access resources, updates, and support directly from the manufacturer, ensuring that our customers are always ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest system solutions.

Choosing Active for your NetSuite ERP implementation is choosing a partnership that values a deep understanding of your business processes, committed to your long-term success, and empowered by unparalleled flexibility, agility, and expertise.

Who's growing with our NetSuite consulting:

Active Consultoria NetSuite ERP
Active Consultoria NetSuite ERP

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