Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Advertising and Marketing Agencies

A system to manage the operations of your advertising and marketing agency.

Oracle NetSuite has a unified database that provides a single version of truth and a 360-degree view of all customers. Role-specific dashboards within the agency can be customized and provide real time visibility into all important information with the ability to drill down any information to the most granular level.

CFOs , project managers, creative directors, administrators, and employees will discover how easy-to-use, flexible, and invaluable Oracle NetSuite is. Oracle NetSuite enables agencies to grow, use resources more efficiently, and better serve customers.

Increase profitability

Improve billing accuracy and free up cash flow while targeting profitable customers using a rich collection of historical data.

Gain executive visibility

Gain real time insights to make data-driven decisions about performance through dashboards and role-based KPIs.

Single, global platform

Manage multiple projects and expand your business globally. Focus your resources on growth and innovation, not managing IT complexity.

Product characteristics


Get reports, analysis, and insights for better decision making. Oracle NetSuite dashboards can be customized by users to reflect the tasks, metrics, and workflows most important to your agency.

Project management

Track the main metrics of your projects, manage the scope, budget and schedule. All of this in real time and on a single platform, to facilitate the management of budget vs actual costs and allow your agency to adapt quickly.

Business development

Oracle Netsuite provides real time KPIs, estimates the resources required for a project, and calculates associated probabilities. With these insights, agencies can better scope a project, predict resource needs and optimize their proposal.

Creative development

Your creative director can use Oracle NetSuite to view and manage all aspects of the creative department's tasks. This includes analyzing the status and progress of all creative projects, seeing everything each team member is working on and how it is progressing, seeing late deliveries, and using this platform to enter and approve time.

Employee Center

Employees will see a generic dashboard where they can enter timesheets, see what they will be working on that day, projects in the pipeline, and view their contacts and calendars. Employees can also use an Oracle NetSuite mobile app to enter time and expense entries.

Financial management

Oracle NetSuite enables agency financial managers and analysts to examine financial statements, project, and client profitability, and resource utilization. Refined, flexible reporting of cumulative and project finances provides key insights that help reduce costs, maximize profitability, and grow the agency.

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