Financial, Tax and Fiscal Planning

Banking Integration

Be more efficient with CNAB ACS

Considering how companies can save the time they would spend executing the integration process with banks manually, we have developed a product that makes the system work for you.

The CNAB (National Center for Banking Automation) is one of the main tools in the banking integration process. Customers and banks maintain an information interface through digital files and FEBRABAN sets the standard for each of these files.

With Oracle NetSuite + Active’s Banking Integration solution you will be able to send and process vendor payments, employee expenses, as well as record your charges and receive payment from your customers without any difficulty.



Automate the integration process with the banks via API (integration), in addition to speeding up the process, you also protect the data that is sent to the bank and definitively eliminate manual work.

Financial routine integration

Integrate your company’s entire financial routine – e.g., cash flow control and budget tracking. Eliminate manual errors and increase the quality of information.

Sales optimization

Optimize processes and increase team productivity, freeing up time so your team can dedicate themselves to higher value-added activities.

Core Features

Automated processes with banks: Automatic integration of bank files, through a secure API with all banks in Brazil.

Efficient billing: The Active Cloud Solutions CNAB bundle will allow you to manage and administer your vouchers directly on the Oracle NetSuite and they are registered directly with banks through an API.

Save time and money by grouping payments: You will be able to group multiple invoices payable by supplier, process payments directly in the bank, and reconcile all the return to lower open installments, in a straightforward way and paying less fees to the bank.

Multiple bank layouts: No bank and layouts limitation.

Several types of payment: PIX (Brazilian instant payment platform), tax payment and other expenses.

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Banking Integration

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