Software Companies

Software Companies

A robust foundation for scaling technology companies.

With thousands of successful implementations, Oracle NetSuite and Active have a deep understanding of software, Internet and high-tech companies and the many challenges they face. With the landscape of the software sector constantly changing, companies are continually having to adapt to the demanding needs of this dynamic market.


We talk a lot about “functions”, however, from day one, Oracle NetSuite offers all the necessary tools so that anyone can start working quickly, having the right foundation to achieve success.

Whatever your role in the company, the solution comes preset with all the KPIs, reminders, reports, and value-driven dashboards for your daily and strategic needs — backed by years of real-world use by thousands of people performing similar roles in software companies.

Product characteristics

Financial management

The world's #1 solution for cloud financial management.

Integrated budgeting and forecasting

Get planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools to ensure financial stability and growth.


Customer relationship management

Have information from the entire customer lifecycle — from lead to closing and service, completely unified with finance, projects and other areas in your company.


Income and expense management

Get a real time view of your revenue with confidence and precision. Purchase goods and services and keep costs under control using better expense management.

Native BI

From reporting and analytics to insights and decision-making, get a more complete view of your organization on-demand and in real time.


Global Business Management

Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities from a single cloud ERP system.


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