Financial, Tax and Fiscal Planning

Financial Planning

Complete solution for financial planning

Demand is volatile, costs fluctuate, and the business landscape is ever-changing. In this scenario, using spreadsheets for planning and budgeting in most organizations results in less collaboration, more inefficiency, and errors, putting the company in jeopardy.

Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting makes it easy to plan for your entire company and departments with modeling, approval workflows, and reporting capabilities in a scalable collaborative solution.

Strategic sales and operational plans can be linked to long-, medium- and short-term financial plans. This solution uses a powerful calculation engine that can accommodate a wide range of logic and calculations for instant analysis.


Operation control

Gain greater control and visibility over your plans, budgets, and forecasts in one place by providing a single version.

Robust financial modeling

Stay ahead of the competition by understanding volatility and modeling financial and operational changes quickly using flexible assumptions. Use sophisticated modeling techniques, predictive analytics, multiple what-if scenarios, and continuous forecasts to minimize business uncertainty.

Agile planning

Collect information and assumptions, examine interactions, and present consolidated results in a timely manner.

Core Features

Powerful Reporting: Empower effective decision making with advanced reporting capabilities.

Strategic workforce planning: Simplify workforce planning and related expenses by aligning business needs and priorities with the workforce.

Flexible Modeling: Have dynamic modeling, analysis, and two-way integration with Smart View.

Opex and Capex Planning: Simplify comprehensive CapEx planning and complex Opex planning.

Improve forecasting accuracy with predictive planning: Identify and leverage patterns in your financial and operational data to predict the most likely outcomes.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Simplify planning for your entire company and departments with modeling capabilities, approval workflows, and reporting in a scalable collaborative solution.
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