Drive innovation and make faster, smarter decisions

The energy sector is undergoing rapid change on several fronts. Changing consumer expectations and regulatory requirements are forcing energy companies to modernize existing infrastructure, invest in alternative or renewable energy sources and seek new revenue streams to expand their businesses.

Used by thousands of customers around the world, Oracle NetSuite’s unified business management suite helps energy and utilities companies optimize their operations for sustainable growth.

Integrated systems

Have data integrated into a single solution and stop maintaining multiple systems.

Adapt to Change

Improve business agility, respond quickly to market changes and meet customer needs.

Fuel your growth

Modernize your systems to increase agility and accelerate your business growth.

Product characteristics

Financial management

The world's #1 solution for cloud financial management.

Integrated budgeting and forecasting

Get planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools to ensure financial stability and growth.

Customer relationship management

Have information from the entire customer lifecycle — from lead to closing and service, completely unified with finance, projects and other areas in your company.

Income and expense management

Get a real time view of your revenue with confidence and precision. Purchase goods and services and keep costs under control using better expense management.

Native BI

From reporting and analytics to insights and decision-making, get a more complete view of your organization on-demand and in real time.

Global business management

Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities from a single cloud ERP system.

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